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A combination of authentic experiences that respectively define the unique character of every location, a mosaic of human stories and destinations inviting us to discover them. represents a gateway for the entry into Greece of visitors from abroad, as well as a means of outward projection for Greek companies and destinations.

Featuring design based on the most modern visual means of communication, offers deep insight into travel, the big trend of our era, bringing together the needs and priorities of our lives in the new decade.

The integrity and reliability of is based on its big community of contributors:

  • Associates who constantly travel throughout Greece and possess specialised knowledge
  • Insiders, or well acquainted experts who love to keep returning to the same destinations
  • Professionals and amateurs of various domains who are permanent residents of locations throughout Greece and inform us on new and interesting things at these

We live in an era in which we consider travel to be a priority as it expresses all the trends of our times – our need for freedom, discovery, exploration and desire to create self-defining memories that remain embedded in our minds. In this day and age, our journeys constitute the news we love to share.

These days, we plan and book our holidays online and also document and share our holiday experiences with communities of friends through digital means. will be developing a communication and connectivity network with its followers on social media, the aim being to inspire the public, prompt an exchange of ideas and enrich media content with the perceptions and views of different people. is now on air and will be gradually unfolding all of its various aspects, placing emphasis on accuracy of information, as well as the importance of travel in our lives, through a multidimensional content approach.

* does not only cater to travellers. It reliably covers all significant news, analysing travel and hotel market trends. For this reason, has established a collaboration with the internationally renowned and influential German portal for an exchange of content.