Santorini, a world-renowned gem, is not only one of the most sought-after global destinations but also one of the most picturesque islands of Greece. The unique charm of this Cycladic paradise has been the subject of countless articles. Santorini’s magic lies in its unparalleled sunsets, mesmerizing views from the Caldera overlooking the infinite blue Aegean Sea, the sun-drenched luxury hotels gleaming white, its gourmet dining experiences, and its remarkable, idyllic beaches that are second to none.


Santorini, with its burgeoning tourism, naturally embraces a touch of global consumer culture, making it a shopping destination that beautifully intertwines the local and global.

While top-tier fashion brands may not have standalone stores in Fira or Oia, they have found their home in stunning boutiques and concept stores that will instantly ignite your shopping desire. However, the essence of Santorini permeates through every shopping experience, from traditional shops to the aesthetic of most products available. This allows you to carry a piece of authentic and timeless Santorini with you, wherever you go.


Sat in a prime location on the main cobbled street of Fira, Bazaar is a beloved boutique frequented by both the thousands of tourists visiting annually and the local islanders. Bazaar offers a broad selection of international brands, all united by a common ‘casual’, ‘cool’, and comfortable style. It also showcases an array of youthful collections with an edgy twist. Find everything from Diesel, Miss Sixty, Guess to sophisticated evening dresses designed by Veloudakis, all under one roof. Not to be overlooked is the men’s fashion selection, representing some of the world’s leading fashion houses.

Contact: Fira, 2286 025433″

Ilias Lalaounis

One of the top jewelry houses in Greece, Ilias Lalaounis, maintains its presence in Santorini with a boutique nestled within the Fabrica shopping center. Located in Fira, this store beautifully marries the urban elegance of Athens-based Ilias Lalaounis jewelry stores with the refreshing Cycladic atmosphere, making it stand out with its tastefully designed precious jewels that resemble true works of art.

Influenced by Byzantine times, the Neolithic era, and Mycenaean art, each piece tells a story of history. A mere glance at the dazzling display window is enough to leave you mesmerized.

Contact: Fira, 2286 025844

Characterful Clothing at Drakkar

Drakkar is home to top-notch foreign designer clothing and unique, handmade pieces from the most distinctive Greek brands, all found in two branches of the Drakkar boutique in Fira. Here you can find airy dresses, evening bags, leather sandals, and unique jewelry – the kind of pieces that you’ll want to wear immediately for an unforgettable night stroll on one of the most beautiful islands on the planet.

Contact: Fira, 2286 021678

Speira: A Unique Concept Store

Speira, a ‘sophisticated’ concept store in Oia, is a destination in its own right, perfect for a delightful afternoon outing.

At Speira, you will find clothes and accessories designed by Greek creators, as well as small works of art themed around Greek mythology and history, aromatic candles, finely crafted handmade jewelry, and amazing objects with a Cycladic identity that allow you to take a piece of the island home with you.

Contact: Oia, 2286 071397


Located within an old traditional captain’s house in cosmopolitan Oia, you’ll find the boutique, Ecru. This authentic Santorini building could pass as a real folk museum, having faithfully retained its local architecture and the traditional characteristics of old Santorini homes.

In the beautiful Ecru boutique, you’ll discover a range of women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories from international and Greek fashion houses, as well as truly unique handmade pieces that will make every appearance special.

Contact: Oia, 2286 072329

​Silk Shop

An old bakery in Oia has been transformed into a beautiful boutique filled with elegance and beauty. At Silk Shop, you’ll find exactly what you might imagine: stunning silk scarves, shawls, and sarongs, as well as silk clothing and fantastic, colorful bags that upgrade your style with an ethnic touch. If you love silk products, this is the place to stop and purchase the ultimate statement item that you will cherish for a lifetime in your wardrobe.

Contact: Oia, 2286 071923

​The White Santorini

If you also believe that “Life is an Island” (the favorite motto of the people behind the creation of The White Santorini), then this is the perfect boutique for you, filled with bright, cheerful boho pieces that scream ‘summer‘ and ‘Cyclades‘. The collections of the White Santorini brand encapsulate what we can call ‘island fashion’ and will become the perfect memento of your vacation until you return to Santorini.

There are two boutiques, one in Caldera in Fira and one in Kamari.

Contact: Fira, 2286 036820″


With an incredible view of the Caldera, at Spicy you will primarily find creations by Greek designers. Simultaneously, you will discover many hidden “gems” like pieces from local creators that carry the entire Cycladic character and personality that has made Santorini renowned worldwide.

Contact: Fira, 2286 023251


Situated within the stunning Mystique Hotel in Oia, and recently also in the beautiful Vedema in Megalochori, the Wanderlista boutiques boast fantastic Greek clothing and accessory brands with items that truly stand out and enhance our everyday life. Andria Mitsokos, creator of the Anthologist boutique in Athens, certainly knows how to set up amazing shops with items that you will desperately want to take with you as you leave.

Located within the Mystique and Vedema Hotels


The Ammos boutique can rightfully be considered the largest fashion chain in Santorini. You will find unique pieces from the most recent collections of well-known houses such as Mes Demoiselles, Moncler, Ash, and American Vintage, as well as many Greek designers. With its two shops in Fira, one on Kamari Beach, and one in Oia on the main pedestrian street, Ammos does not need to prove its worth.

Contact: Nikos Nomikos, Fira, 2286 072272


Celyn b, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Patrizia Pepe, and many other international fashion houses are all gathered at the Milo boutique in the heart of Fira. Clothing, shoes, and accessories characterized by high quality and luxury aesthetics are present, catering to the needs of the island’s crème de la crème.

Contact: Fira, 2286 023633

Identity Shopping

On an island that has held a high place on the list of the most popular destinations worldwide for years, it’s perfectly logical for high-end boutiques and luxury shopping to be continually on the rise.

However, in Santorini, tradition is always present, in small, charming stores and in tiny beautiful objects that “carry” the character of the island. Do not leave Fira or Oia without taking with you a beautiful, handmade ceramic plate or a ceramic cup to enjoy your morning coffee. The island is famous for its wonderful ceramic creations with fantastic patterns.

Also, the award-winning Atlantis bookstore in Oia is considered by many as the “most beautiful bookstore in the world” due to its location. You will find many English and French language books, beautiful albums, latest releases, and books related to the history of the island. In the summer months, Atlantis is truly bustling, so arm yourself with patience. It’s worth it.

Finally, Santorini has its own little “mall”. Following the logic of a shopping center, Fabrica in Fira houses stores of well-known brands such as Pink Woman, Yamamay, Super Dry, and Adidas.

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