If you want to do more than lay in the sun, there are numerous activities to enjoy in Tinos, from wine tastings and hikes to cultural experiences and memorable swims at a variety of beaches.


Whether you are visiting Tinos for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, it’s well worth exploring its many different facets to get as much out of your visit as possible, while coming into contact with the island’s singular food and wine culture, archaeological and cultural wealth, distinctive religious identity, varied beaches and splendid natural scenery. Here, we offer you our top suggestions.

Delve into the Island’s Cultural Wealth

Tinos has an sophisticated cultural heritage rooted back to antiquity, as you can discover at the Archaeological Museum (+30 22830 22670). It is also home to some of Greece’s most famous scultpors, because of its marble quarries. Don’t miss out on the Tinian Artists Museum (+30 2283 031262), the Museum of Marble Crafts (+30 2283 031290) and the Halepas House. The island also honours the work of local and international artists by showcasing it in impressive exhibitions at several wonderful spaces, such as the Art Gallery of the Evangelistria Foundation (+30 22830 22256).

Go Wine Tasting

Over the past two decades, Tinos’ vineyards have made a strong regenerative comeback. Today, the island is home to wineries that produce high-quality wines, where you can visit to enjoy tasting grape varieties that are native to the Cyclades region and cultivated in the island’s volcanic soil. Three excellent tasting and touring experiences can be had at Tinian Vineyards (T-Oinos) in Agios Dimitrios, Falatados (+30 22830 41120), Vaptistis Winery in Steni (+30 22830 42155) and Volacus Wine in Falatados (+30 697 848 5671). Tinos is also home to unpasteurized Nissos craft beer, which accepts visits upon appointment (+30 2283 026333).

Attend a Local Festival

There’s no better way of connecting with the island’s locals, getting to know their community and getting a deeper understanding of their culture than by attending one of the annual festival celebrations. On August 15th, pilgrims and tourists gather to honor the feast day of Virgin Mary, with ceremonies spanning two glorious days at Panagia Megalochari church. July 23rd sees the celebration of Agia Pelagia, as the revered icon is taken to the Monastery of Kehrovouniou before returning to its church. And on June 15th, the Artichoke Festival in the village of Komi showcases the local love for this unique vegetable through delectable dishes, traditional music, and a warm welcome extended to all.

Go for a Scenic Hike

There are countless old mule tracks and paths on the island, many of which have now been marked for hiking and are well-maintained. The hiking network is over 150 kilometers long and it’s the only way to experience the authentic, unexplored aspects of Tinos, from its alpine areas all the way down to the coast. Learn more about the trails at: www.tinostrails.gr and www.topoguide.gr.

Hit the Beach

On Tinos there is a great enough variety of beaches to keep everyone satisfied, from surfer-friendly Kolympithres and family-friendly Agios Romanos and Agios Fokas to busy, buzzy Agios Sostis and Kionia and tranquil and scenic Santa Margarita and Livada.

Eat Your Way Across the Island

Foodies cannot be but enthused by the island’s exciting gastronomy, based on a broad array of delicious local products and recipes as well as the establishment, over the last few decades, of a top-notch modern dining scene. In practically every village you can sample an array of mouthwatering cheeses, ham, seafood, meats, wines and other products in several flavor-packed renditions by chefs determined to keep raising the bar of the island’s culinary reputation.

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